Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy National Handwriting Day

Essentially, when contracting out to school districts, many referrals that I receive are due to handwriting challenges and concerns. However, I am happy to say that in one school that I work in, referrals come through just as often for self-regulation challenges amongst students. This is due to the success of sensory integrative strategies noted by teachers, the principal and 504 coordinators. Although Sensory Processing Disorder is unrecognized in the DSM, the sensory integrative approach to helping children regulate and ready themselves for learning holds true year after year!

Back on track….
In support of National Handwriting Day, here is a link to a wonderful article that discusses many factors that contribute to writing challenges. Most importantly, the article emphasizes the importance of the collaboration of parents, teachers, and student in determining why a student may be having these challenges. It is also important to remember that children still need to be taught handwriting and this is not a skill they pick up on their own.

For another bit of insight into handwriting, I am going to share with you the program that I use when working with students. It is The Handwriting Without Tears program. I have used this program since 2004 and find the outcomes amazing! It is also a fun way to teach children something that may be, and often is, challenging for them. Jan Olsen, the program developer, also makes the materials affordable for teachers, parents, and specialists. If your child is having difficulties with handwriting, check out the link below and also consult with an occupational therapist in your area!

In a world filled with technology, Happy National Handwriting Day to all!

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