Sunday, April 3, 2016

GF Playdough Recipe for you!

I love playdough but not so much the "non-toxic" play-doh! I've toyed with recipes in the past and they have all been okay, but this is now our favorite. It's already a gluten free recipe, so you don't need to figure out substitutions (that don't always pan out) like in other recipes!

Playdough is an awesome tool for children and works well in our family because my 2 and almost 4 and 6-year olds love it just the same! Making it before playing with the playdough makes it extra special and gives the kids special ownership of their activity! I also use playdough as an OT because it works on fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, the tactile system, creativity and pretend play skills, sharing and turn-taking. I've blogged about the fun and benefits of playdough in the past as well!

So, here is a link to the recipe! Thank you Wellness Mama - you always deliver! If you have never been to Wellness Mama before, after you get your playdough recipe, with tips for natural coloring, you should look around. The site is pretty amazing. Her deodorant recipe is a favorite of mine too!

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