Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sensory Camp 2016 Day 3

What an adventurous day we had this past Monday! Nature instruments, parade, river walk and playground play. These kiddos were tuckered out by 11 for sure!

It was nice to complete our nature instruments this week. We started our hunt for the sticks during the first camp week, so to see the completed project was awesome for the campers! This activity worked on fine motor and bilateral skills and then targeted the auditory system. After previewing the garden for next week's camp, we headed out for our parade to the river!

On our way, we sang some songs, listened to the river flowing and talked about safety looking and listening for cars. Our visual and auditory systems were on high alert during our parade and our marching feet targeted our proprioceptive and vestibular systems.  Our brain needs to do a lot of work during a task we think of as simple!

Shane & Abigail all smiles
dipping their feet and toes!
Once to the river, we all took off our shoes for some barefoot balancing on the stones, rocks, and in the river. For much of the camp, the kids have all been barefoot allowing for greater input through the tactile and, again, proprioceptive system. The pictures below speak for themselves! All of our systems were working together with this amazing, nature based walk. Olfactory - smelling the flowers and bushes, auditory - listening to the birds and river flowing, visual - looking all around us, tactile - feeling the water on our feet, legs, and body, proprioceptive - balancing barefoot and having awareness of joint sense and body in space, vestibular - moving through the running river. Amazing, right?! The best part, the kids had not idea how hard they were working to improve and integrate all their sensory systems and never wanted to leave!

Sage digging for some
mud & rocks
Eva helping Maple balance on
her little feet!

The boys checking out their next move!

Ryan &  James using their hands to
help them balance

River train

The River

Owen having fun exploring!

Ashton & Mikaela found an old horeshoe!
So much fun!! We snuck in a few yoga moves today, but I wouldn't call it yoga because the kids were to into the river to want to take a break.

This week's snack was healthy and simple without any cooking or baking involved. We had Van's gluten free crackers, rice cakes, non-gmo hummus, and clementines (peeling is great for fine motor and bilateral skills!).

We hiked back up the hill a little slower than our way down, that's for sure. We got back to camp just in time for pick up and a little playground and balancing tree play!

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