Thursday, November 3, 2016

Expressions from the Heart

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I've written. This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to take Levels I - III Radiant Child Yoga training with 2 different, yet equally incredible woman. During my Level III training, we needed to do an activity and write down whatever came to mind for the ages presented. We had a certain amount of time to just write, and write from the heart. Today, I am going to share this with you. So much of what I wrote is so meaningful to me, but I think that it can also be meaningful to others as well! I think I took all of me as a mom, OT, new loving yogini and just went with it, so enjoy! I am typing directly from my notebook as well - no edits :)

0-3 Be calm, motor stages as important as emotional stages! Be more of an example daily. Continue to love, snuggle, bond, and don't let these times go. I am their lifeline while also teaching them to be themselves and become independent and grow. My life is happier and more joyous because of these beings and nursing, snuggling and losing myself during these times has been worth it a zillions times over! Yoga calms me and brings me joy, so imagine what it can do for infants and children.

3-7 Increase independence - let them be. All of the light, love, nursing and snuggles begin to take shape and our children grow independence and respect for life, others, nature and their own inhibitions. Be playful yet a little firmer. Give perimeters but lessen the perimeters. Support and love with positiveness!

7-11 How a marriage works impacts children greatly, especially at this stage. Be mindful of children both with and without both parents home or without both male and female energy in their lives. Allow friendships to blossom and respect desires for playdates, decrease parent/family-time or time altogether with peers and family having fun.

11-18 Limits yet openness ~ Acknowledge ego and needs but teach confidence and respect of self. Work on meditation, mindfulness, breathing and yoga to decrease the ego and improve love for oneself. Allow our children to have autonomy, wants, desires and independence while having them continue to have respect, love and compassion for the ones closest to them.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone! Thanks for reading, and, as always, please contact me with any questions, concerns or needs around your child's development, nutrition, or sensory challenges. I am always available in person and via phone/skype. @pediatricplay


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