Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CALLING ALL SCHOOLS - Educate Staff, Implement Strategies Immediately and Enhance Learning; Let's GO!

In-services are abundant during the school year, and I would love to help provide information to staff, which will decrease referrals and increase success within the classroom. Please see below for a description of presentation options. Both of the in-services run approximately 3-hours in time. 

To start, here is a recent testimonial from a paraeducator in the Springfield, VT school district following the OT in the Classroom presentation, 
"Honestly, this was the best in-service I have ever had in all of my years as a para. It was the most beneficial with the most relevant information that I could use. I don't think that I have ever gotten more out of a presentation before. Thank you!"
Presentation Option 1: 

Nutrition, Yoga, Mindfulness, & Aromatherapy in the School Setting to Enhance Learning and Promote an Optimal, Calm Learning Environment for ALL

"The following presentation guides it's participants through the process of how to implement healthy and holistic approaches into the school setting. Participants will learn about nutrition, how to incorporate daily yoga into the classroom, the benefits of mindfulness and deep breathing and aromatherapy. They will learn how each of the above can impact a child's life, especially children diagnosed with ADD, autism, learning disabilities, developmental delays and emotional trauma, and how to immediately implement these strategies into the classroom routine for optimal benefits and a calm, engaging classroom!"

3 Goals/Objectives:
1. Participants will be able to describe 3 benefits of each of the following holistic approaches: Nutrition, Yoga, Mindfulness/Deep Breathing, Aromatherapy.
2. Participants will understand how to immediately implement each of the holistic
approaches in the classroom.
3. Participants will understand how to use provided materials and research based
documentations to support holistic approaches in the school setting.

Presentation Option 2: 

Occupational Therapy in the Pre-School Setting and
Occupational Therapy in the K-5 Classroom (2 separate in-services)

What Sensory Processing Disorder Can Look Like.

"Schools can decrease their referrals by educating staff on how to incorporate 'occupational therapy' skills into the school setting. Participants will learn about: occupational therapy, fine motor skills & activities, proper seating and alternatives to seating for success, pencil grasps for ages and stages, pre-writing & writing skills, multi-sensory learning, visual motor skills & activities, sensory integration & sensory processing disorder - sensory integration is broken down by each system and participants will learn how to identify sensory processing challenges and are provided activities to help support each sensory system; and lastly, teachers will briefly learn about the importance of holistic approaches in the classroom." 

This course is also specialized to your school districts literacy/writing program, i.e. Fundations, Handwriting without Tears. 

A little bit more about Michelle if you choose one or both of the courses listed above. You can also click here for more detailed information about her career path, ideas, and philosophies.

Michelle Bonang, OTR/L is a spirited OT who has embraced holistic treatment
techniques, grown overly passionate about nutrition, and has built an immense love for
yoga over the lifetime of her career. Michelle received her Masters of Education in
Occupational Therapy through Springfield College graduating cum laude in 2001.
Michelle has a special interest in Sensory Integration and is certified to administer and
interpret the Sensory Integration Praxis Test (SIPT). She is also trained in the
Therapeutic Listening® program and received certification through DIR® to provide
DIR/Floortime therapy. Michelle has a passion for complementary alternative medicine
and continuously increases her knowledge in this area through courses, webinars and
self-teaching. Michelle’s most recent coursework includes: Holistic Occupational
Therapy - Mind, Body & Spirit and Introduction to Aromatherapy. She will also become certified in Level I and II Radiant Child Yoga this August, and is excited to share her
knowledge with you!

Michelle is a member of The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. (AOTA) and the Holistic Occupational Therapy community. She has also contributed to an article in ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners as well as being a co-writer for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Leader blog. Michelle’s most recent article has been featured on the website – 7 Holistic & Healthy Ways OTs Can Bring Change in the School Setting.

Contact Michelle today to fill your schools in-service needs with presentations that are fun, energetic yet calming, and engaging, with useful information for immediate implementation and proven success!

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